Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make it Growwwwwwwwwwwwww

I've always been an impatient girl. I want things right now! I wanted to be a tap expert the day after my first lesson, I wanted to be fluent in a language in the matter of a few weeks, I wanted to complete and start my career in hair before I started cosmetology school. I really don't like to think of it as impatient, however; more passionate than anything else.

Well, that also applies in the growing out process of my hair.

 I feel like the length of my hair has been at a standstill for almost two years. TWO YEARS!?!?!?!? Wwwwwwhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Ugh. Am I cutting it too often? Nah. Maybe cutting too much off when I do get haircuts? Could be. Doing things to my hair that I wouldn't do on my clients? Absolutely. (Ha ha there it is..)

So let me do something else to my hair that Ive never really done before ... EXTENSIONS!!!!

DUDES!!! I live in a world of instant gratification! I am a product of the booming technologically advancing generation! NOW GIVE ME MY LONG HAIR!!!!

My lovely co-worker, Rebecca, at Salon Paisley, transformed me! I've had them in for a couple of weeks and love them!
There is just one problem, I want them to be real! ha ha oh lord, the growing out continues. :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

L.L. Power...

I was soooooooo ready for it. I put on all black clothing that matched my black hair and walked into Paul Mitchell for my first day of beauty school. I was a Future Professional! At first that title made me giggle a little with strange embarrassment, yet I soon filled the roll with pride. Cosmetology was no game. It was very hard but enjoyable work, and I loved my education so much that I knew one day I would come back as an instructor for the Paul Mitchell family. Learning Leaders they were called.......

Well, what do ya know? I've become one! I started October 12, 2011 and hit the ground running. Mindi Renee Garrett -- the Learning Leader. Am I giggling now? Everyday! :) Giggling, as in, I have a way dope job! I get to be the inspiration for the Future Professionals, to coach and help and love and watch them love this industry too! I love my Future Professionals. They make all the extra hard work so worth it.

I am, of course, still at Salon Paisley. Which, I still absolutely love! Ive always been a busy woman in the hair world and I probably will continue to always be one. I'm just happy and amazed of how much a person can do in this industry. Being back in the "classroom" helps me to grow and become an even better stylist to my beautiful, wonderful clients. Here's to the Future!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Strictly AWESOME!

I came home from work this evening to find my mother watching movies on Netflix. Hooray! Our online movie fun was set up again to enjoy some good 'ole entertainment. The first movie to catch my eye? Strictly Ballroom.

 Random Fun Fact # 1 about Mindi (in no certain order): I loooooooooooove dancing movies. Of any kind. From tap dancers in musicals, Hip Hop dance crews battling for bragging rights, to young troubled woman coping with life's problems in the inner city through the art of dance while finding love from boy next door! I seriously love them all. I know they can be cheesy and unrealistic, but COME ON! THEY MAKE YOU FEEL INSTANTLY HAPPY!  :)

Strictly Ballroom is the story of a young hot shot dancer (Scott) who wants to dance his own moves and the beginner (Fran) who wants to prove herself as a dancer! Ive seen Strictly Ballroom before many times but I was surprised at the wonderfully outrageous hair, make up and costumes in this movie. Its all so crazy I found myself laughing out loud just looking at the characters. I almost couldn't believe that I forgot how over the top they can get.
If you're into lots of glitter, hairspray, sequins and pink lipstick, please do yourself a favor and watch this movie! See if Scott and Fran make it to the dance championship! It'll make you feel good on many different levels. :)
Just be happy your hair doesn't look like theirs!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My life as Jessica Rabbit.

"Well, there's no going back now," I said as the third round of beautiful rich copper red hair dye was applied to my very porous blonde hair. Once you go so far with the red, blonde is hard to come back(if you desire to keep your long locks).

The verdict? I LOVE IT!!!
Not being a true red head since high school, I decided it was time and made it happen! What have I been doing since making the switch? Keeping extremely busy.

The time old question arose in my head again, "Do blondes really have more fun?" You be the judge....

That's right we're at a Cowboys and Indians party!
Meca and I, ever with her wonderful sense of humor, in her beautiful punjabi outfit. :)

Keran! Love this woman. She came to visit me and the sights and sounds of sacramento. All of my lovely friends helped to show her our favorite hangouts and special occasion spots.

Blondes and Redheads live in Peace! Jandy and I had a blast of a night dancing it up at a friend's wedding. Come over to the ginger side blondie!

Life so far as a Crimson Lady has been just wonderful. It makes me feel more like a hairdresser again- -not being afraid to change. A lot. Change is good!

Try a change you've been thinking about! Call me at Salon Paisley for a free consultation.


Friday, August 26, 2011

TO DO, or not DO the DREW?

It's amazing how fast time flies by. I blinked and the summer is starting to wind down. As I feel the earth's tilt, days growing shorter, nature getting ready for its change, I also feel like its time for a personal change. Well, on top of my head, that is... 
I think back on how daring I used to be stylewise. I never really thought twice about changing my cut or color. "CHOP IT OFF! GROW IT OUT! SHAVE ONE SIDE! DYE IT BLACK! BLEACH IT BACK!," I'd say. The bigger the change the better. Now, I'm Scared!!!! I don't even know who I am anymore!
HAHA. Oh Lord. This feeling reminds me of a very dear woman, Holly Paulat. She has been bringing me the same picture of the hair color she really wants to try, for over a year now. It got me thinking, "What are we afraid of?"
As Autumn sneaks up on us I think about a complete re-do. If I want change and change is good, why am I so nervous about giving up the long and the blonde? Maybe I'm nervous different hair won't look good, and that I won't feel pretty. As soon as I said it out loud I found a very cool quote:
"I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness."
Drew Barrymore
JACKPOT! I'm a naturally happy person so reading this was the icing on the cake and gave me the encouragement to be daring again. Good 'ol Drew! Then I realized, Barrymore is one of the most daring stars around! She's is constantly changing up her funky style. Why not take a tip from her?
First tip: check out those black roots-- on the bottom of her hair!
What star is able to get away with that!? DREW. She did this style after having beautiful sandy blonde hair. What does she say? CHOP IT OFF! DYE THE TIPS BLACK!
I absolutely loved this look on her. Dark roots, golden locks, extensions ... feel like having long hair again? Just put it back.
Don't feel like cutting it again, but want to feel totally different?
Then try completely changing the color. This is the COVERGIRL ad that made me start thinking "new hair" again. I love how she inspires good changes!

There are so many options when you're deciding on a new look... Maybe we should try baby steps and go for a middle ground of the blonde and red like this Barrymore look...
Yet, I feel like the biggest thing is just getting the chutzpa to just go for it! Hey Holly! I'll do it if you do it! :)
IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE! Come see me at Salon Paisley for yours.
Remember, Always take care of your hair!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Say 'I Do' to your Do!

Whew! Wedding season is in full swing and I'm just getting warmed up! Two weddings down, and four more to go in just the next few weeks, I thought this topic would be the perfect way to get the hair sculpting juices flowing. :)

The other day my friend Julia was over my house hanging out while I was cleaning my room for the billionth time when, I saw her playing around with her hair into different up-do styles from one of my fashion magazines.
"Oooh! that looks cute Julia," I exclaim, "what are you playing around for?"
"For Jasmine's wedding! Gotta work that look out! " happily Julia explains. Lol she cracks me up! :)

I suddenly realized that wedding hair is NOT simply limited to just the bridal party. The guests wanna look way good too. So lets play around and see what simple ways you can style your own hair and maybe steal a little of that bride spotlight. Just remember, don't completely out shine the bride!

Idea #1: Long, Down, Wavy and Sexy
Seriously, who doesn't want to be that hottie at the wedding that make all in attendance fall in love with your way cool look!? This tousled, textured, "blown out" look is perfect for any type of wedding and easy to achieve.

First, apply your favorite volume products roots to ends on towel dried hair. Then, whip your head upside down and blow dry as big and crazy as possible! After hair is dry, paddle brush through to smooth. Taking two inch sections, spray hair with working hairspray before using a curling iron. IMPORTANT NEXT STEP! Start curling in the middle of the hair and not from ends to scalp. Feed more hair through iron and turn until the ends of hair are wound up in the curling iron. This ensures the curls will have a fighting chance to hang out for a while. Also, when using a curling iron, choose two different sizes to create a more interesting look. The key with this look is to be random in your sectioning and to look like you didn't have to try. Leave curls alone until completely cooled off and run fingers through hair. Spray with a finishing hairspray and you are good to go!

Idea #2: Loose, Curly, Romantic Chignon
The wonderful thing about this up-do is the messier the better! If you have curly hair, you can start pinning. if you have straight hair pop a few curls about your head using a small curling iron and the same technique in curling as Ive written above. Start by separating horizontally in half. take the bottom half and put into a pony just above your nape. Take random pieces and twist and pin. Just go for it! Make sure your hair feels secure. Take the top half and put into a pony just above the lower pony. Keep the tension light on top and not pulled too tightly into this second pony. Repeat with the same pinning method. Next, pull little bits of hair out framing your face. Hairspray and you're done!

Idea #3: Dramatic, High Bun

Nothing says classic like a beautiful high ballet like bun. Whether you choose a simple style or go a bit more fancy like Beyonce' to the left, its perfect for a nice wedding style.

Its best to prep your hair with a light to medium hold cream. This will keep all those little baby hairs in place. Brush all hair very well and then aim high for the back of your head. The crown area is best. Keep brushing hair until you have desired smoothness. Secure in tight ponytail. For a simple bun, twist hair until it naturally forms the bun on itself wrapping it around the ponytail. Bobby pin that bun! For the more fancy bun option, do the same basic technique using smaller sections, wrapping the hair in different directions. BAM! Bun is done!

Idea #4: Accessories!

 After watching the Royal Wedding in April, women everywhere have been more experimental with head ware. Try it!!! Using the first three ideas above as your guide, plop something on your head!
Here are a few fascinating ideas....

When you have a little or a lot of time, try out these styles! See which one surprises you, then you'll be the belle of the ball...

I would love to play hair with you! Call me, Mindi, or Salon Paisley for a free consultation!

Remember to always Take Care of your Hair!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Power of Easy Hair on the Big Island

Beautiful views, warm beaches, and waterfall hikes were just some of the activities my best friend Meca and I did around Kona, Hawaii when we spent a week in paradise visiting our dear lovely friends Mylisa and Benny. With so much to do and see, who has time to style their hair before experiencing all those things?

I had one objective while in Hawaii on my most recent adventure... DO NOT STYLE MY HAIR BUT HAVE IT LOOK STYLED.

 Yes, I am a hairdresser and I should always be on top of keeping my hair styled, however sometimes I don't want to have to think and just want to be "hair lazy". So before traveling to the Big Island, I laid out my hair plan..... Goldwell Dual Senses Sun Reflects Hair and body shampoo and leave in protect spray was the solution!

I literally washed my hair and body with this wonderful product, sprayed in the leave-in protector spray, my trusty surf spray, and let air dry. I went off to my island business with my small hair comb in place. Something about the island gave me the perfect island wave and perfect "I don't care and i look great anyway" attitude!
We did so much in such a short amount of time. Big Island has the most variety of any place Ive ever traveled to.

Meca (above at South Point), and I (with fellow Blondie), opt for simple, classic, no fuss, low buns on a windy afternoon. The salt in the ocean and shore breezes were like natures blow dryer complete with product!
Mylisa, was the ultimate island beauty. I never saw her with bad hair. The three of us shark watching at South Point :)

 Waipio Valley you certainly amazed me! Talk about one of the most breathtaking places! Hair flying free for us three...
Meca and I getting pumped up for our HARD CORE JUNGLE HIKE! No joke.
The hair was up off the neck and out of the way that day!

Benny getting ready to do some diving tricks during our hike..... You can see our waterfall destination in the upper right hand corner of the background!

All that salty sea water made my hair so pretty I wondered what it could do for my legs....
Our last day in Kona was also my favorite hair day. Go figure haha! Happy here with Meca....

My hair was so incredibly simple and easy to maintain while in Hawaii, that I enjoyed every minute of such a wonderful trip. Not one day did I stress over how my hair was laying or what it looked like after getting out of the ocean. With the help of my new favorite Goldwell sun products, It just did what I envisioned. :) 
A million thanks to our friends Mylisa and Benny for their hospitality as well as a very special thanks to Christy and Neil for showing us a true adventure!  Yay friendship!
Even in paradise its important to, Always take care of your hair!

Want an Island easy look? I'd love to talk with you how you can achieve it! Call to set up your free consultation today at 916-444-2404.